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Event 1: “The Old Ball and Chain”

12 Minutes Total Time

Score 1: 500M Row TT (4 Mins)

Score 2:


5 Over The Shoulder Throws (60)

15 Heavy Rope Skips


Score 1

Athletes will complete a 500M Row for time. Score is their time in the countdown function of the C2 Rower. They have 4 minutes to complete this before Score 2 begins.

Score 2

On 3,2,1, Go, the athlete will complete the AMRAP of 5 Over the Shoulder Throws and 15 Heavy Rope Skips for 8 Minutes. Score 2 is the total amount of reps completed.

Please refer to our MOVEMENT STANDARDS page for details on each movement.


Concept 2 Rower

60lb Slam Ball (Females)

100lb Slam Ball (Males)

Rogue Outlaw 120 Heavy Rope (1.5″ Diameter, 5lbs)


Event 2: (10 Mins)

“Bar of Fire” + “Going HAMRAP”

SCORE 1: (90 SECS)


30 Second Transition


AMRAP in 8 Mins

15 Thrusters

5 Toes to Bar

15 Thrusters

10 Power Cleans

5 Pullups

10 Power Cleans

15 Shoulder to OH

5 Toes to Bar

15 Shoulder to OH

10 Power Snatch

5 Pullups

10 Power Snatch


In remaining time:

OH Walking Lunge for max distance (25lb bumper plate)


Score 1:

On 3,2,1, Go, the athlete will jump up to the pullup bar and perform as many reps of the Unbroken Toes to Bar + Pullup complex as possible in 90 seconds. The Unbroken Toes to Bar + Pullup complex is 2 movements together. Movement 1 is Toes To Bar. Movement 2 is a Pullup. Scoring will be .5 reps per movement and the reps must be done consecutively. Movement 1 must be done before Movement 2. Once both are complete, the athlete has 1 Rep and can then start over on Movement 1. The athlete cannot repeat a movement over and over for a half a rep, both movements must be done consecutively to advance. Once the athlete drops from the bar, the score is recorded.

They will then have a 30 second transition where they will walk back to the starting mat before they begin the next portion of the workout.

Score 2:

On 3,2,1, GO, they will start the AMRAP. As they complete the Thrusters/Toes to Bar/Thrusters, they will move their bar down the lane. They will then complete the Power Cleans/Pullups/Power Cleans and move the bar down the lane again. They will do the same for the next 2 groups of movements.

Once complete with the barbell work, they will walk with a 25lb bumper plate OH for max distance in remaining time. 1 rep is 10 feet of distance. Final score is total amount of reps completed.


Women’s 15kg Barbell

Pullup Bar

25lb Bumper Plate



Event 3: “Boomtown”

AMRAP in 5 Mins

15 Right Arm BoomBell Deadlifts (70)

15 Left Arm BoomBell Deadlifts (70)

60 Backsquats (40lbs)

AMRAP Bar Facing Burpees 

Equipment Used

70lb BoomBell by MadFitter

Rogue Stubby Axle Bar (20lbs)

Description of Event

On 3,2,1, GO, the athlete will complete 15 Single Arm Deadlifts with the Right Arm. Once complete, they will complete 15 with the Left Arm.

They will then make their way to the Rogue Stubby Axle, pick it up off the ground, and place the barbell on their back in order to complete 60 Backsquats.

Once completed, they will perform as many bar facing burpees in the remaining time.

Score is total reps completed

*An Single Arm Deadlift is having a BoomBell in one hand. The BoomBell will start and finish outside the respective foot The athlete will pick up the BoomBell and stand up holding the BoomBell. The lift is finished when the athlete stands completely upright and hips fully extended. The athlete may not drop the BoomBells from the top. If they do, the rep does not count. Again, they must place the BoomBell on the ground and not drop either/both BoomBells from the top of the lift.