The Basics

  • Experienced/Advanced Competitor
  • Open ranking is around Top 1000 in Region to Regional/Games Athlete
  • Can move heavier weights consistently
  • Able to complete 3-4 workouts per day for 2-3 days
  • Complete Beefcake
  • Posts workouts on Instagram consistently 😉

Gymnastics/Skill/Bodyweight Movements

  • Pull-ups, Toes to Bar, Toes through Rings
  • Chest to Bar Pullups, Ring/Bar MU
  • Rope Climb/Legless Rope Climb to 15’
  • HSPU’s, HS Walk, Pistols, Double Unders
  • Wall Balls (35/25) to a 10 foot target
  • Box Jump (30/24)

Barbell Movements


  • Power Snatch/Snatch 135/95
  • Power Clean/Clean to OH 155/105
  • Deadlift 225/155
  • Thruster/Shoulder to OH 115/85
  • OH Squat 135/95
  • Athletes may be asked to find a max lift
  • Please note that the description above is not a comprehensive list of what movements to expect but a general guide to help athletes know what to reasonably expect.
  • If you are one of the top athletes at your box, you perform well in local events as well as +-Top 1000 in the Open in your region, this division is for you. This division has cash prizes.