CrossFit Competition Power Hour

Welcome to Power Hour 2019!

You and your team are in.

A few things to note and prepare for:

  • Your team fee is non refundable but you can switch athletes before the event at any time.
  • You may also give or sell your spot to another team/athlete if you would like.
  • You may switch divisions up to 10 days before the event if you would like.
  • All workouts will be announced by May 1st at 8pm, some will be announced early April!
  • By April 15th, we will announce the 2019 T-Shirt design. It is an optional purchase for you and the price will be only $18.00 and we will ship it to the gym where you are competing and you can pick it up the day of the event!
  • Prizes for all divisions will be announced early May so hang tight!
  • Please email us at info@trinitycompetitions.com if you have any questions in the meantime!
  • Workouts from last year are HERE. Please scroll down and you will see the section for the workouts from 2018!