The 2016 ATX Throwdown will host 3 Divisions of Teams this year. Super Scaled, Scaled, and Rx Teams of 4 (2M/2F) will compete against teams in their respective divisions.

We will be awarding an “Affiliate Champion” this year for the CrossFit Affiliate that has the best overall placement for their Scaled and Rx teams. This will work exactly like we have done in the past for “Best of the Rest” and “The South Central Invitational”. Last year, Lonestar CrossFit won the South Central Invitational.


If you are not familiar with the format, well here it is:

Affiliates who register at least 1 Rx Team and 1 Scaled Team will be in the running for this award. Out of the 8 total athletes who are representing the teams, 6 of them must be active members of that Affiliate. After the last workout, we tally the final placement for the Rx team and the Scaled team and the total lowest points for an Affiliate wins. Let’s say Lonestar CrossFit’s Scaled team placed 4th and their Rx team placed 2nd. Their total points are 6. If they have the lowest total points out of all Affiliates, then they win the Affiliate Champion Award. This only goes for the Scaled and Rx teams.

They win a banner for their gym and bragging rights until next year.

It’s that simple. So get your squad and let’s have some fun on June 25th at the ATX Throwdown.