Duality 2020

In light of current events given the COVID-19 Pandemic, we wanted to give you all an update of where we are as a company and how this has affected Duality 2020.

We have always done our best to be fully transparent with how we run our events and how it affects you all and this year is no different.

Bottom line, we are struggling financially and we most likely will not be able to afford to have any prizes at all towards podium winners. We wanted to let you all know up front now that our final numbers are in and we have just a little over half the amount of revenue in the past with roughly the same expenses. We are currently looking at taking a decent loss to this event.

Power Hour 2020 was canceled, which is a consistently profitable event to the company. With Duality having less than 60% of normal athlete registrations along with the chance of limited or no spectators, we are easily missing out on $60,000 of revenue.

Sponsors have not committed yet and we may not have any. Many of them are small businesses too and are struggling to make ends meet during this time.

With all this being a reality, we are still committed to everyone’s safety. We are investing much of our resources to:

  • Masks/face shields for all volunteers
  • Infrared thermometers upon arrival
  • Doubling the amount of equipment to give us time to clean between heats
  • Disinfectant solution, towels, individual chalk containers purchased from Smart Chalk
  • 50% increase in paid staffing that will help with COVID-19 Protocols
  • Contactless scoring verification along with contactless customer service
  • Hand sanitizer located throughout the venue
  • Insurance, medical personnel and security
  • And more!

We have always done our best to provide a great event with great prizes for the winners. This year, the reality is we may be losing a decent amount of revenue to have the event but we still wanted to have it. We know so many athletes who are just ready to compete and miss being out there.

We seriously considered just cancelling the event earlier this year but decided to press on and have it. It is MUCH EASIER to cancel the event and just wait until 2021 but we are committed to our community and wanted to have an event if YOU told us you wanted it.

Well, 600 of you all did and we are pressing forward. Winners will still get to stand on the podium and have their photo taken. We are giving all teams 4 Separator Events along with giving ALL ATHLETES an online strength event that counts towards their score. The live event will be fun, challenging, and safe!

We will still have announcers, a DJ, photographers to capture your experience, and a team of judges and volunteers committed to your experience and safety.

It will look a bit different with COVID-19 signage, rules, and masks but we will dedicate all of our energy, passion, and resources to you and your competition experience.

We know that some of you may not understand, may judge us negatively, or may think we are full of it. We do not expect everyone to understand how much money it costs to run events, store equipment all year, and have paid staffing. We hope that you know we did not make this decision lightly and are only doing it because the money is not there. We would rather tell you now then surprise you later with it.

Thank you for understanding and giving us some grace and mercy this year. We are struggling to survive financially but will press on and do our best to get through quite a tough year.

If you need to reach us, please feel free to email info@trinitycompetitions.com

-Chris Galvan, Founder