Event 1: “The Ol’ Ball and Chain”

12 Minutes Total Time, 4 Scores

Score 1:

M/M Team

5 Minute Row for max meters

Score 2:

F/F Team

AMRAP in 5 Minutes

3 OTS Throws (60lb Slamball) + 15 Heavy Rope Skips

2 Min Break- Teams Switch

Score 3:

F/F Team

5 Minute Row for max meters

Score 4:

M/M Team

AMRAP in 5 Mins

3 OTS Throws (100lb Slamball) + 15 Heavy Rope Skips


Teams will divide into 2 Same Gender Partnerships. There are 2 separate 5 minute AMRAP’s There are 4 separate scores for this event. Athletes will be provided the Heavy Ropes.

Scores 1 and 2:

On 3,2,1, Go, both partnerships will begin at the same time. The M/M team will complete a 5 minute row for max meters on the C2 Rower for Score 1. The athlete rowing will get off the rower and tag their partner who will be standing 10 feet away. The athlete waiting will not move toward the rower until they are tagged.

The F/F partnership will begin their AMRAP at the same time. Each athlete will complete 3 Over The Shoulder Throws and 15 Heavy Rope Skips. They will then tag their partner and she will complete 3 OTS Throws and 15 Heavy Rope Skips. This will go back and forth until time runs out. Athletes must switch out in between rounds. The athlete working will tag their partner who will be standing 10 feet away. The athlete waiting will not move toward the slam ball until they are tagged. Score 2 is the total amount of reps completed.

Scores 3 and 4:

There will be a 2 minute break and the athletes will switch. The females will row and the males will complete the couplet. The same rules apply here. Score 3 is the female row and score 4 is the male couplet.

Rules for Partner Rowing:

  • Both athletes must row a minimum of 100 meters.
  • Only one athlete can touch the rower at a time.
  • Damper setting and foot pad setting do not matter.
  • Athletes will tag each other in and out.

Please refer to our MOVEMENT STANDARDS page for details on each movement.


Concept 2 Rower

60lb Slam Ball

100lb Slam Ball

Rogue Outlaw 120 Heavy Rope (1.5″ Diameter, 5lbs)

ATX Throwdown Team Scaled Event #2: “SUERTE FUERTE”


M/F Team 1

AMRAP in 6 Minutes

10 Synchro Toes to Bar

15 Power Snatches @65 (Female)

15 Synchro Bar Facing Burpees

2 Alternating Rope Climbs to 15’

15 Synchro Bar Facing Burpees

15 Power Snatches @95 (Male)

10 Synchro Pullups


M/F Team 2

6 Mins For Time:

10 Synchro Toes to Bar

30 OH Squats @65 (Female)

1 Rope Climb to 15 feet (Male)

30 Synchro Bar Facing Burpees

1 Rope Climb to 15 feet (Female)

30 OH Squats @95 (Male)

10 Synchro Pullups

Run to Mat


On 3,2,1, Go, a Male/Female partnership will begin and complete the above work as an AMRAP. They will start on the mat and finish on the floor when time is called.

Once completed, there will be a short break (max time 2 minutes) and then the second Male/Female partnership will begin their workout FOR TIME. This workout will start and end on the mat. Athletes must run back to the mat for the time to end. Their score will be the total time it took to complete the workout. If they do not complete it, their score will be 6 Minutes Plus any remaining reps they have not completed.

There are 2 scores for this event.


Pullup Bar (females will have a step or can be lifted up by partner)

15KG Female Barbell

20KG Male Barbell

15 Foot Rope


Event 3: “Team Tension”


AMRAP in 9 Minutes

(M1) 25 Uneven BoomBell Deadlifts (70 + 88)

While (F1) holds Axle Bar in Deadlift Hang

(F1) 25 Axle Bar Deadlifts (110)

While (M1) holds 2 BoomBells in Deadlift Hang

(M2) 25 Uneven BoomBell Deadlifts (70 + 88)

While (F2) holds Axle Bar in Deadlift Hang

(F2) 25 Axle Bar Deadlifts (110)

While (M2) holds 2 BoomBells in Deadlift Hang

(F1 + F2) Sychro 40’ Weighted Walking Lunge (45lbs)

(M1 + M2) Sychro 40’ OH Walking Lunge (45lbs)

(M1 + F1) 20 Synchro Bumper Plate Thrusters (45lbs)

(M2 + F2) 20 Synchro Bumper Plate Thrusters (45lbs)

Equipment Used

70lb & 88lb BoomBell by MadFitter

Rogue Stubby Axle Bar (20lbs)

45lb Bumper Plate

Barbell Collars

Description of Event

On 3,2,1, GO, 2 athletes (1 Male/1 Female) will pick work as a team. The Male (M1) will complete 25 Deadlifts with 2 BoomBells while the Female (F1) holds a 110lb weighted Rogue Stubby Axle Bar in a deadlift hang. Once M1 completes his deadlifts, the female will complete 25 deadlifts with the bar while M1 holds the 2 BoomBells.

Once completed, they will tag their partners and the remaining 2 athletes (M2/F2) will complete the same work.

Once completed, the team will work together to remove the 45lb bumper plates off the axle bar and the 2 females will lunge walk 40 feet while holding the 45lb bumper plates behind their head/on their upper back/neck. The lunge walk will be synchronized, meaning their knees much touch the ground at the same time and they must stand all the way up at the top, hips fully extended. Their feet do not have to come together at the top,

Once completed with the 40 feet, the females will hand off the bumper plates to their male teammates and M1/M2 will now Overhead Lunge Walk 40 feet with the bumper plates held above (not touching) their head. Same standards apply to the lunge walk except the males are holding it above their head.

Once completed, any M1/F1 will now complete 20 synchronized bumper plate thrusters. They will hold the bumper plates with both hands below their chin, squat at or below parallel, and stand up with full extension while pressing the bumper plate overhead. The bottom of the squat must be achieved by the teammates at the same time for the movement to be synchronized. No other synchronization required.

Once completed, M2/F2 will complete 20 synchronized bumper plate thrusters.

If the athletes finish the work above, they will start over in a typical AMRAP style and place the bumper plates/collars back on the bar. Score is total reps completed in 9 minutes.

*An Uneven Deadlift is having a 70lb BoomBell in one hand and an 88lb BoomBell in another. The BoomBells will start and finish outside the feet. The athlete will pick up both at the same time and stand up holding the BoomBells. The lift is finished when the athlete stands completely upright and hips fully extended. The athlete may not drop the BoomBells from the top. If they do, the rep does not count. Again, they must place the BoomBell on the ground and not drop either/both BoomBells from the top of the lift.