Free Shirts Drop May 4th @10am!

So You Want A Free T-Shirt??? Read Up!

Trinity Competitions is giving away 100 FREE SHIRTS (see shirts above) on Friday, May 4th via a link on our website. We will reveal the link on Friday at 10am through email and social media as well.

These shirts are free for those who are competing in Duality as you will first pay for the shirt ($25.00) + shipping ($4.00)  and then you will receive a code for $25.00 off Duality. If you AND your partner grab a shirt in the first 100, your team will receive a code for $50.00 off once registration is live. The code is specific for you and your partner and the code cannot be used by anyone else.

We will finalize orders May 15th and send all the codes out May 30th to each team.

The shirts are white Next Level fitted t-shirts, just like all the shirts we use for our events.

If you are NOT competing in Duality, you can still grab the shirt but you will be paying for it and not receiving a code.

If you want the shirt AFTER the initial 100 are grabbed, you will have until May 11th and the shirts will be $20.00 + $4.00 shipping.

We will ship out all shirts end of May.

If you are competing and using the code, you will be able to register from May 31st through June 3rd. This is BEFORE everyone else and will guarantee your team spot.

If you do not register during this time, you will wait to register with the public on June 5th at 8pm CST.


If both you and your partner star grab a free shirt, you will be able to enter the running to start in our documentary where we follow your team as you prepare for Duality. We will follow 1 team in the Rx, Intermediate, Scaled, Masters, and Super Scaled divisions. These teams can be Co-Ed, M/M, or F/F.

In order to star in the documentary, your team will have to garner the most votes in our Facebook/IG social media voting contest in July. More details will be released soon!

Questions? Email us at info@trinitycompetitions.com