Duality 2018 will be our 6th Duality and from what we are planning, it will be our best event to date.

Leading up to the event, we will be filming “COMMITTED” a documentary that will star one team from each division (Super Scaled, Scaled, Masters 40+, Intermediate, and Rx).

The way to star in the documentary has a couple of steps so listen up!

  • STEP 1: Grab a free “Committed” T-Shirt on May 4th at 12pm CST. The first 100 athletes who get one will be able to star in the documentary. You will pay for the shirt online ($25.00) and shipping ($3.00). You will then receive a code for $25.00 off Duality Registration and will be able to sign up before the public registration on June 5th. BOTH you and your teammate will need to grab the free shirt to qualify to star in the documentary.
    • **After the first 100 shirts are taken, they will then become $20.00 online but you will not receive a code.
    • Teams will receive a code for $50.00 off assuming they both got the shirt
    • You CAN get the free shirt and $25.00 off and not want to be in the documentary
    • You cannot transfer or give your code to anyone else so we suggest grabbing a $20.00 shirt if you do not plan on competing in the event!
  • STEP 2: Register for Duality 2018 by June 15th, 2018
  • STEP 3:¬†Submit your team photo along with name and division to us by July 1.
  • STEP 4: On July 9th, we will publicize all team photos and names per division on FB and the public will vote for each team with a “LOVE” (heart). The team with the most hearts per division will be selected as the winner for that division and will star in the documentary! The voting will last 1 full week.

We will start filming early August and ask all teams to meet our film crew at a date to be announced.

We will give instructions to all teams on how to document their own journey and submit their content to us each week so we can create the documentary.

We will then follow the teams on competition day as they compete in Duality and interview them afterwards.

The documentary will most likely be ready about 5-6 weeks after the event and we will invite all stars for a private viewing before we release it along with a dinner hosted by Chris Galvan, the founder of Trinity Competitions sometime early November.

More to come, but please put May 4th at Noon CST on your calendar to grab our free shirt! First 100 people will get it free, just paying shipping!