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Duality Masters and Kids Division Now Individual in 2019

Masters and Kids Divisions Will Now Be Individual

The Masters and Kids divisions will be adjusted to better serve more athletes in 2019. After examining the numbers for the past few years, we have decided to change the Sunday divisions for Masters and Kids to INDIVIDUAL ONLY.

We will be removing the team divisions for these divisions and opening up the following divisions:

  • KIDS Boy and Girl Individual 5-6 Years Old
  • KIDS Boy and Girl Individual 7-9 Years Old
  • KIDS Boy and Girl Individual 10-12 Years Old
  • TEEN Boy and Girl Individual 13-15 Years Old
  • TEEN Boy and Girl Individual 16-17 Years Old
  • MASTERS Male and Female 35+
  • MASTERS Male and Female 40+
  • MASTERS Male and Female 45+
  • MASTERS Male and Female 50+

Our decision is based on the growing number of Masters and Kids athletes that are wanting to compete but have difficulty fielding a team with the same aged partner. This will allow both of these divisions to compete against their appropriate age and skill level.

We find great joy in watching the kids fall in love with health and fitness and we will do our best to grow Duality’s kids competition to be a fun and sought after event for kids of all ages!

We also know how many 35-55 year old athletes that are out there and wanting a competition to look forward to. We believe having an individual competition is one of the only ways to have more Masters athletes compete!

We will still have the Super Scaled, Scaled, Intermediate, and Rx Divisions for the team competition. We will not be opening up Individual categories for these divisions as we have a large amount of teams in these divisions and they are not difficult to fill.

Please note that the Masters divisions are still a competitive division and we are not opening up a Masters “Scaled” division in 2019. Those athletes may still compete in the Scaled division. We will be releasing the minimum work requirements and a description of what these athletes will need to be able to do before February 1st, 2019.

The above divisions will be scheduled to compete on Sunday, along with the Team Super Scaled. The remaining Scaled, Intermediate, and Rx divisions will still compete on Saturday as usual.

A date and location is still being secured for 2019 and we will inform you all once we secure the venue.