Trinity Competitions is growing and in order to better serve our athletes, our vendors, and our staff, we are choosing to invest in someone who would like to grow with us, starting out on a part-time basis and hopefully moving into a full time role. We are creating a new position to handle the administrative work, daily emails, and to oversee our event timelines to ensure all details of the competition get taken care of with excellence.


This individual would also need to be physically present at all 4 of our events in 2016. The dates are 6/25, 7/09, 8/20-21, and 10/15-16.

This job would help relieve Christopher Galvan of being the one and only point of contact for Trinity Competitions. Chris has a family of 4, a full-time job, and would like to grow Trinity Competitions bigger than it currently is but cannot do so given the importance of his family and job.

Since this is a new position, we are in the process of creating a full job description but this job will be for someone who can learn quickly, work alone, help plan and execute events, and report all necessary info to Chris and Geoff Zickler.

Chris believes strongly in training the right person so you will get to learn our business and he will spend quite a bit of time to help develop you in your new position. He wants to grow Trinity Competitions and would like someone to be a part of that growth. Ideally, the best person to fit this role is someone who has 20 extra hours per week and is able to answer emails/phone calls quickly.

This role IS NOT a structured office job. There are no set hours. You would work alone 90% of the time and will be expected to help run the company like you would your own. Some days you will work very little, some days you will work a lot more. 4 weekends a month, you are working 16 hours a day! (Welcome to the event business!)

Again, you will get training and we will teach you what is needed to be successful. We want to grow and we want someone to grow with us!

The pay is $750 per month (minimum) @10-20 hours per week with incentives to make more based on performance and goals met. There is no health insurance. During the off-season, there may be times where no work is needed but our goal is to have someone working consistently to help us grow!

  1. A person with passion for people and service, particularly in the CrossFit Community
  2. A person who desires for Trinity Competitions to grow and serve more athletes across Texas and the United States!
  3. A person with a flexible lifestyle who can take ownership of this position
  4. A person who likes to plan, execute, and have fun doing it.
  5. San Antonio based individual, able to meet weekly or email/speak on the phone daily with Chris
  6. Self motivated individual with a project oriented mindset
  7. Ability to work remotely 10-15 hours per week
  8. Ability to respond to emails/calls quickly
  9. Strengths sets include:
    1. Excellent written and verbal communication with athletes, vendors, and staff
    2. Strong organizational skills while focusing on multiple tasks at a time
    3. Ability to manage several projects at the same time
    4. Proficiency in Word, Excel, Google Drive, etc.
    5. Ability to identify potential vendor partners and contact them for partnerships
  10. Any other job/duty not mentioned here!

If you are interested in this position, please send an email with your resume to chris@trinitycompetitions.com and he will get back to you within 24-48 hours.

Thank you for your interest in this position and we look forward to speaking with you soon!