In our constant pursuit of service and transparency, we are issuing our refund policy to better communicate with our athletes.

With all events, especially sporting events, there is a risk of the athlete not being able to compete due to any reason. Injuries, family, personal, work, etc. happen and there is little you as the athlete nor we as the event organizers can do about the unexpected. Please understand that we are running a business and we are serving 800-1,000 athletes per event and need to have policies in place so that we may be able to continue to serve the community.

With that being said, here is our Official Refund Policy:

  • 50% REFUND within 24 hours of signing up and the first 7 days of registration for any reason.
  • 20% REFUNDS or TRANSFERS after 24 hours and BEFORE 72 hours of signing up, with more than 30 days to go until the event.
  • 10% REFUNDS or TRANSFERS anytime 30 Days or more before first day of event.
  • NO REFUNDS or TRANSFERS with LESS THAN 30 days until the event.
  • NO Transfers to future events
  • In the event of inclement weather, acts of God, and natural disasters where the event cannot take place we do not issue cash refunds but may allow transfers or credit to future events.
  • Refunds may be taken care of through the merchant vendor or PayPal, depending upon circumstances. This is our choice.
  • Refunds may take up to 7-10 business days to process. We do our best to act quickly but we do not have total control over merchant refunds.


  • Super Scaled Teams can replace an athlete without notifying us. Please understand rules for online events apply per competition.
  • Individuals cannot replace themselves with another athlete. We will go to our waiting list to replace an athlete and the same refund policy applies.


  • Yes, we know each other, but Chris is running a business and know this is not personal.
  • Please try your best to email info@trinitycompetitions.com instead of personally reaching out to Chris.

We thank you for reading this and understanding our policy. We are striving to serve our community every day and we thank you for choosing Trinity Competitions!