The ATX Throwdown will have 13 separate divisions with with over 370 athletes competing on Saturday the 25th of June. In order to successfully get all athletes through the day in a timely manner, we will have 2 competition floors going on at the same time. We have divided up the athletes in 2 groups. Group 1 will compete on Comp Floor 1 for the first event while Group 2 will compete on Comp Floor 2. They will switch for Event 2 and then switch again for Event 3.



Men’s Masters 40+, 45+, 50+

Men’s Intermediate

Men’s Sub Masters

Men’s Rx

Team Rx


Female Scaled

Female Masters 40+

Female Intermediate/Sub-Masters 35+

Men’s Scaled

Team Super Scaled

Team Scaled

Time Domains: All Individuals

Event 1: 12 Mins

Event 2: 10 Mins

Event 3: 5 Mins

Time Domains: All Teams

Event 1: 13 Mins for Super Scaled and Scaled and 14 Mins for Rx

Event 2: 12 Mins

Event 3: 9 Mins for Super Scaled and Scaled and 13 Mins for Rx

After all three events, there will be a final event for Team Rx (if necessary) and Team Scaled (guaranteed). This event will be announced after Event 3 and teams will have limited time to prepare.

There are 10 teams in Team Rx. If a final event would change the order of the Top 3 teams, we will have a final event for the top 5 teams.

There is no 4th event for Individuals or Super Scaled. Event 3 will be the final event.

More info on event names as well as movements coming May 26th.