Who is Too Fit?

Too Fit is an all-natural sports nutrition company, founded and created by Jake and Josh, The Too Fit Guys. However, it’s much more than just supplements and shakers. Ultimately, it is our passion to help people live a life without boundaries. Whether it be through The Too Fit Podcast, the Blog, or our products, we want people to know they can achieve anything.

We are here to bring much more than trust and transparency to the supplement industry. Our passion is to impart knowledge, education, motivation, and yes, the purest and most effective supplements to the world, to change people’s lives. 


When was Too Fit started?

Too Fit officially launched January 1, 2016.

For Too Fit Products, please visit https://toofitusa.com/

How did you come up with the name Too Fit?

We wanted something that was all encompassing, not only of the product line, but also the mindset we speak about so often. One day, Jake called Josh and said, “Hey man, I got it! Let’s name the company Too Fit, and we’ll be ‘The Too Fit Guys.’” We figured it fit with the play on words, incorporating our sarcastic, tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. 

Who are the Too Fit Guys?  

Jake and Josh are The Too Fit Guys, just a couple of everyday guys chasing their dreams and hoping to change the world in the process.


What are your educational backgrounds?

While in college, Josh studied Entrepreneurship with a minor in Marketing at Arkansas State University and Mary-Hardin Baylor, while Jake studied Biomedical Sciences at Texas A&M University.

What are your fitness backgrounds?

Both of us grew up as athletes, playing nearly every sport under the sun through high school. During high school, Josh honed in on golf as his primary sport and would later play in college at Arkansas State, Mary-Hardin Baylor, and eventually professionally.

Jake did not pursue any athletic endeavors past high school, other than intramurals, Crossfit, city league softball, and the occasional bowling league.

Nowadays, we balance our training between Crossfit, training for triathlons, and obstacle course races.

We do enjoy relieving some stress through pickup basketball games and ping pong breaks at work. And yes, they can get pretty intense.